91% decline in 20 years…

Turtle Dove BBS trends

I received the BBS Report 2014 with some trepidation. It of course interests me intensely, I participate in the survey and I am proud to add some science to my bird watching by doing so. Any initial excitement is always tempered with apprehension, because I know amongst the population success will be declines, one of the most acute of which will be Turtle Dove.

A 91% reduction in breeding birds since 1994. A 91% reduction in just twenty years, represented by the steepest of downward curves. There is only one positive that can be taken from this startling figure and sharp downward trend; Dove Step is a worthwhile pursuit. Our efforts are based on the best of science.

Pushing ourselves across daily marathon distances for 700 miles is a commensurate response to such extreme circumstances.

Eighteen months of preparation, conditioning ourselves to face the Pyrenees then back-to-back marathon walks beckons. I couldn’t be happier and nor could Sir Rob.



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