Dove Step at Birdfair


Dove Step at Birdfair

As of yesterday and the 27th annual Birdfair – Dove Step 3 has been unleashed!

It was an honour to relive the first two journeys and introduce the next one with Sir Robert Yaxley. We are under no illusion as to the scale of the task we have set ourselves and as such, preparation starts straight away. Eighteen months seems generous at first glance but we have to firm up the route, practice traversing the Pyrenees and up our fitness considerably. Back-to-back marathon distances for over a month will make considerable demands on the body and we want to have conditioned ourselves to ensure success.

Dove Step at Birdfair

Ms Tara Proud of the RSPB was able to attend our talk and join in with the Q & A’s afterwards. It was confirmed that the funds from this years journey (Dove Step 2) will help fund research this winter in Senegal, adding an important piece to the puzzle in our understanding of Turtle Doves. We understand the changing habitat issues on breeding grounds and the perils of migration and shooting are abundantly clear. Threats to the birds on the wintering ground are more unknown. Are birds affected by land use change there? Is drought an issue? Are there social and political issues at play?

We are extremely proud that funds from the Dove Step campaign will go towards such tangible use and we eagerly await the results. Equally, we are extremely grateful to the Dove Step supporters sharing our passion for Turtle Doves and bolstering the fund raising totals.

This years Dove Step 2 JustGiving page will remain open for a couple of months and you can attend the following talks to learn more about the Dove Step campaign:

  • November 5th, 19:30 Holiday Inn, Ipswich – short talk to the Suffolk Ornithological Group (SOG) updating members on Dove Step campaign progress.
  • February 24th, 2016, 19:30 Stowupland Village Hall – evening talk to Suffolk Wildlife Trust (SWT), Stowmarket Local Group giving an overview of the Dove Step campaign to date.

What it is all about!


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