Dove Step update!

Dove Step

  • Turtle Dove decline across Europe exceeds 30 per cent over the past 16 years, seeing its threat status rise from ‘Least Concern’ to ‘Vulnerable‘. Scientists from the RSPB and other BirdLife International partners are trying to establish the reasons for the decline in the UK and Europe. The decline in the UK has been particularly high, with more than nine out of every ten birds being lost since the 1970s.
  • Over the years the Dove Step team have raised almost £8k for the RSPB and Operation Turtle Dove (£6647 plus 20% from Gift Aid = £7976.40 to be exact!)
  • Funds from this years journey, Dove Step 2, are supporting Turtle Dove Research on the wintering grounds in sub-Saharan Africa. RSPB scientists are on the ground now and we couldn’t be more proud that funds we have raised, with your support, are helping to bridge a knowledge gap in Turtle Dove life cycle.
  • Across the last two journeys alone, Dove Step 1 and 2, the team have endured over 1000 miles of self propulsion connecting Saltholme RSPB with Bayonne and the French / Spanish border.
  • Dove Step 3 will see the team cover the whole of Spain on foot commencing in early 2017.
  • The next episode of the Talking Naturally podcast, to air on Friday 13th November, features both Jamie Wyver of the RSPB and myself (Jonny Rankin) talking Titan, Turtle Doves and Dove Step.
  • On the same weekend as the Talking Naturally podcast airs, the Dove Step will be in North Yorkshire trying to walk the furthest we have ever walked in one go – Spain awaits and we have to start training.
  • This years JustGiving page will close very shortly. With many thanks for your support throughout 2015 – you are Dove Step!
  • The Dove Step campaign has never been so vital – Never Give Up!

Dove Step


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