Wanted! Drivers of support vehicle…

Dove Step 3 info graphic

Wanted! Drivers of support vehicle for Dove Step 3. It is anticipated that each driver will be required for a week between Saturday February 4th 2017 and Saturday 11th March 2017. Must be experienced at continental driving (Spain) and able to find transport to and from start and finish points. Main duties will be to support the walking team by stopping at convenient and regular points, by finding suitable camping sites and pitching tents or arranging accommodation as required. Drivers will be expected to contribute to car hire or motoring costs. There will be some time available for birding while the walking team are on the move. Skilled camp cooks would be a bonus. Must be flexible and willing to change plans to fit in with the walking team.

Apply to Jonny or Rob @Robert_Yaxley or @Jonny09Jonny

Dove Step has been unsupported up until now and we are happy to continue as such if required. That said, if you aren’t able to walk long distances, but have a taste for adventure and wish to be a valued and much appreciated member of the Dove Step team we would love to have you on board. We pay for our own training, travel, accommodation and food. Every penny we raise goes straight to the JustGiving total. Supporting direct, tangible and deliverable change for Turtle Doves through habitat creation and research is our only goal. We endure for Turtle Doves and Operation Turtle Dove.

All of us are only as good as our next journey.

Thank you from Sir Rob and Jonny and we would love to hear from you…

Dove Step


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