Dove Step 3 – Day 0

Daily distance: 0

Duration: 0

Weather: 16 degrees, overcast, 11mph south westerlies gusting stronger with occasional showers. 

Best birds: Griffon Vulture, Black-shouldered Kite, White Stork.

Currently prepping at Huerta Grande Eco Lodge – our accommodation for the next two nights courtesy of the Inglorious Bustards. Huerta Grande is a very impressive set-up. Looking across the Straits of Gibraltar and with views to the Rock of Gibraltar. A short walk around the grounds and adjacent farmland provided ace views of Cattle Egret, fly over White Stork, Short-toed Treecreeper and Crested Tit to name a few. As I type this we are also serenaded by Iberian Marsh Frogs and an attendant Tawny Owl – both right outside the accommodation. 

The place is seismic and even more so in the migration seasons, stories of vast flocks of Bee-eaters, storks, eagles and vultures mean it is now firmly on the to-do list.

In driving down from Seville the landscape is suitably ruggard, hilly and imposing. Tomorrow we walk…


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