Dove Step 3 – Day 5

Daily distance: 55.9km / 34.7mi

Duration: 11.43hrs

Weather: started very cool, then 14 degrees, sunny and blue skies, 4 mph south westerlies

Dove Step 3 bird list: 87 species

Best birds: Black Stork, Glossy Ibis, Firecrest

 Cumulative Dove Step 3 distance: 135.5miles

Today was a mix of unadulterated brutality and borderline enjoyment. At least 20km on roads/ roadside followed by 25km of ‘yellow brick road’ a cycle path gifted by Odin himself…

The cycle path then picked up a canal straight into Seville. Which was great, however the last 10km were through industrial areas, the south of the town and then various steeets. Not as fun as the canal which hosted Black-winged Stilts, Glossy Ibis and Kingfisher to name a few. 

Amazingly though I did have a Firecrest singing away with city limits at dusk. From trees on a pretty busy thoroughfare! 

55.9km / 34.7mi is certainly my biggest day total. If only by a small margin. I hadn’t expected to be doing it mid-Dove Step. But needs must and we had to re-configure the route to avoid some serious roads. Think M6 style insanity. Not really pedestrian friendly and we’d probably get arrested if we tried.

The big push was worth it as now in Seville and pick up the Pilgrim Rouge; Via de la Plata in the morning. 

Good night. 


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