Dove Step 3 – Day 7

Daily distance: 44.3km / 27.5mi

Duration: 09.14hrs

Weather: 12 degrees, overcast occasional light rain, 4 mph north easterlies

Dove Step 3 bird list: 91 species

Best birds: masses of Woodlark in Cork Oak Forest and Azure-winged Magpies

Cumulative Dove Step 3 distance: 190.5miles

Absolutely spent this evening. Typing from bed and liable to nod off any moment! Another day at the now familiar 44km (27.5mi) mark. Looking forward to some lighter days this coming week – if they come! There has been no easy miles on this trip so far and certainly no easy days. Today’s challenge came via elevation gain and loss – probably insignificant to fell runners and mountain peeps – but for a lad living in Suffolk it was a livener!

Right in the middle of the day there was a real lung busting/ thigh burning ascent. Half way up which was a plaque in memorium of a chap who died at that point last year (rest in peace peregrino). This was touching but not entirely motivational. The view was well worth it though… 

After 17km roadside this morning it was aces to spend the rest of the day off-road and in the centre of the Sierra Norte National Park. This consisted of Cork Oak forest and hills, lots of hills. Bird-wise there was a constant accompanyment of Woodlark which reminded me of Suffolk Breckland. The terrain and Cork Oak are a little different however! 

Last night with the capable support of team mates Sven and Rob – a week today Mal takes over – which I am looking forward to. I have accomodation booked for each night till next Saturday c/o Sven and Rob and will hunter-gather during the day!
Will try and check-in/ Glympse my location more this week. Online followers will be my support – so thank you…


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