Dove Step 3 – Day 12

Daily distance: 41.2km / 25.6mi

Duration: 09.01hrs

Weather: 18 degrees, blue skies, 9 mph easterlies 

Dove Step 3 bird list: 97 species

Best birds: Cranes, Spanish Sparrows and Southern Grey Shrikes

Cumulative Dove Step 3 distance: 323.5miles

Another solid day’s mileage and also pleasant time on the trail! What’s more with the generous supply of stepping stones I kept my feet dry all day too. The first time that has happened since last Saturday! Hurrah!

I keep forgetting to say; we have well and truly left behind Andalusia and are now deep into Extremadura. That little victory rather slipped through the net amidst the dramas earlier in the week. As indicated yesterday the 300mi barrier has been smashed – a personal and now Dove Step record! What’s more, if all goes well on the trail tomorrow the half way mark will be breached – that’s right 350mi is going down!

Whilst there was no new birds today there was more of some old favorites – Cranes for example. Haven’t seen them for a week and now they’re everywhere! Awesome birds and it was pretty mystical hearing them bugling from beyond the trees at dawn. Southern Grey Shrikes are fast becoming faves too, after seeing my first two yesterday they are absolutely everywhere now! Really vocal and charactered birds. At times flitting along the wires or fence line in front of me. Finally, Spanish Sparrow – saw first ones yesterday then a mega flock today! On top of that I went for a little walk out around Caceres earlier (what with not getting much exercise or late – thought I’d best keep moving) and there was a colossal Sparrow roost near the Hostal on Plaza de Hernan Cortes. Thousands – although I don’t know if they were just House and / or Spanish Sparrow.

Watching the JustGiving total grow as the miles accumulate is a big motivator. I navigate with Aeroplane Mode on the iPhone during the day – to save battery. When I do log in and see donations, it makes it easier to crunch out another 20km. So thank you to everyone who is supporting the Dove Step cause! 



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