Dove Step 3 – Day 15

Daily distance: 50.7km / 31.5mi

Duration: 10.55hrs

Weather: 12 degrees, blue skies, 8 mph easterlies 

Dove Step 3 bird list: 100 species

Best birds: Azure-winged Magpies. 

Cumulative Dove Step 3 distance: 406.9miles

Colossal, landscape level movement today! Seriously, in the morning I could see distant snow topped mountains – by evening I had gone past them!

No complaints as such – it’s just that the 50km / 31mi distance is a toughy! A solid challenge – never mind in amongst over 400 miles in 15 consecutive days! I’ll just leave this link here; JustGiving   

Nothing new bird-wise today but people definitely made it for me. Sir Malcolm Fairley is in the house and capably supporting…

Mónica and co. came back for some more filming today to – it was great to get to chat mid-walk. Normally I am totally insular till the end of the day. Thereafter it has to be said the social network and good old FaceTime are keeping me sane! So thank you for the messages/ likes/ etc.

One last thing to share today – back on day 13 my left foot started hurting. I took it as an indicator that my trainers were thinning and so swapped shoes. I hadn’t thought much of it till today. With 14km to go it started really hurting. To cut a long story short I lanced the biggest blister ever (at least saucer sized) and thereafter have had no pain/ crunched miles! For the win! 

Here’s that link again; JustGiving 

Good night. 


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