Dove Step 3 – Day 18

Daily distance: 36km / 22.4mi

Duration: 7:12hrs

Weather: 17 degrees, blue skies, 5 mph north easterlies

Dove Step 3 bird list: 103 species

Best birds: Red Kite probably best going on a distinctly non birdy day – followed by perhaps Crested Lark – which are everywhere! 

Cumulative Dove Step 3 distance: 481.5 miles

Daily grind today. Allowed for a leisurely start after yesterday’s full effort. Got miles done efficiently and into tonight’s Albergue (Hostel) asap to start recovery.
Bit of fatigue and stiffness as a hangover from yesterday, but with little on route to distract I didn’t break till early afternoon. Thereafter I simply got the remaining miles done.

Today’s trail was probably one of the least attractive/ stimulating in terms of surrounds and birdlife. It basically followed the route of the main roads between Salamanca and Zamora – albeit to either side. Nice walking surface and away from traffic so no complaints from me.

Tomorrow the 500 mile barrier will be well and truly smashed. Having seen to both Andalucía and Extramadura I am now in Castilla Y León. This leaves only one further south-north region to cover – which will be Asturias home to our finish line of Gijón. 

I just did an interview with Talk Radio Europe which may be available to listen to again for one week from this coming Sunday.

Really productive team meeting with Mal after the days walking. We have upped tomorrow’s mileage as the projected was a little low and I am in good shape. Time to reel this little monster in! 
Dove Step 3 JustGiving 


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