Dove Step 3 – Day 19

Daily distance: 40.4km / 25.1mi

Duration: 07:57hrs

Weather: 18 degrees, cloud giving way to blue skies, 3 mph north easterlies

Dove Step 3 bird list: 103 species

Best birds: probably roof-top White Storks as I passed through Zamora – really picturesque town. 

Cumulative Dove Step 3 distance: 506.6 miles

Ok, here’s some Dove Step 3 milestones for you to get your little chops around: 

  • 2/3 in days wise;
  • 70% of target miles done; and 
  • Well over 500 miles walked in just 19 days.

Have a little think on that then tap up this cheeky link; Dove Step 3 JustGiving.
Much more scenic route today – certainly to Zamora which is a stunning little town. The extra miles I clocked to Roales after that were less salubrious – but crucially they are in the bag.

Just 9 planned walking days remain – if all goes well. Counting down the single figures now. This, as well as breaking the 500 miles walked barrier were big motivators today. 
Really content with progress and concentrating on keeping in good condition to see off the last couple of hundred miles.

A few people have mentioned the Saharan dust to me. I didn’t notice this as I headed north – however, looking south over Zamora it was very visable. A haze across the horizon and suspended in the air. A nice nod to where our Turtle Doves are – all wintering in sub-Saharan Africa! 

Focused recovery this evening – more miles in the morning! 
Dove Step 3 JustGiving.


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