Dove Step 3 – Day 22

Daily distance: 41.5km / 25.8mi

Duration: 08:20hrs

Weather: 16 degrees, blue skies, 9 mph southerlies 

Dove Step 3 bird list: 105 species

Best birds: best views of Cirl Bunting and first Rook of trip! 

Cumulative Dove Step 3 distance: 584.9 miles

Red-lined with fatigue and hunger all morning but resolved to clock 20km and get to La Bañeza before taking a substantive break. Most places are closed on a Sunday but found the cafe in the bus station was open and I set about shoveling in calories! 

This has the desired efffect and I perked up for the afternoon session – which was basically straight-lining the LE-420 all the way to Hospital de Orbigo where we are staying tonight. Not the nicest 20km of the trip but there was plenty of sections of track next to the road and I was safely aside from the traffic. 

Half way up I treated myself to a coffee at a bar – the lady there had family in Liverpool and we chatted as best we could given the language barrier. When I told her how far I’d walked and in how many days – she started rubbing my back and consoling me! A well done of sorts I suppose. 

With regards the mileage – both daily and overall – it is unimaginable. Even to me as I do it! The landscape-level moves and unrelenting nature of each day blow my mind. I will myself to 20km or more as required – then chase down the end point. The last few km I look back at really distant landmarks and forwards to new ones. In a nutshell the daily distance doesn’t get easier for having done it 22 times in a row!

Moving north-east tomorrow to Leon. Where, hopefully, travel arrangements willing Mr Robert of Yaxley will rejoin the trip. Fresh in for some glory miles!

Another important point for tomorrow; the 600 mile barrier will be broken! Thereafter, we count down the double figures! 

Dove Step 3 JustGiving.


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