Dove Step 3 – Day 24

Daily distance: 37.2km / 23.1mi 

Duration: 07:43hrs

Weather: 11 degrees, drizzle occasionally heavier rain, 10 mph north westerlies

Dove Step 3 bird list: 106 species

Best birds: first Dunnock of trip!

Cumulative Dove Step 3 distance: 629.5 miles

Weather was far better than the forecast persistent heavy rain and 28mph gusts. Whilst it rained almost all day it was largely drizzle and the wind was negligible. I think it was bad the other side of the mountains, but today at least we got away lightly. 

We have entered the foothills of the Picos part of the Cantabrian Range and will cross the highest peaks on our route tomorrow. Handily, a chap at a bar today gave us a guide to the route we have picked-up; Rita de San Salvador. It has a terrain profile of the route and our highest point tomorrow is over 1500m – should be snow! 

Forecast is good, subject to any terrain effect from the mountains, we should be moving in good conditions. 

Rob is back and moving well – largely but not completely healed from his early stint on the walk. It’s definitely a good lift having company and makes the afternoon session in particular easier. I would previous wane mentally and have a tough time of it over the last 10km or so of each day. 

Big day of it tomorrow with the mountains – but exciting – also the last time the daily total will be up around the 40km mark.


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