Dove Step 3 – Day 26

Daily distance: 29.9km / 18.6mi

Duration: 07:15hrs

Weather: 16 degrees, sunny spells, 4 mph easterlies

Dove Step 3 bird list: 112

Best Birds: Bullfinch and Dipper

Cumulative Dove Step 3 distance: 672.8 miles

Yesterday’s mountain work definitely took its toll on me and although I started off fine was really depleted and feeling unwell by lunchtime.

After a pit-stop and shovelling a load of food in I felt massively improved although a little ropey for the remainder of the day. At this stage of the walk I am really responsive to food and especially coffee! In my diminished state both give me a real boost – at least till they wear off. 

Much calmer terrain today and aside from an initial ramp up a forested valley side we basically followed the river valley from Campomanes all the way to Mieres del Camino where we are staying tonight. We are poised just off route ready for a prompt start in the morning. 

With approximately 50km left to do it remains to be seen how much we will clear tomorrow. It’s almost as if my body knows the end is near as I am collecting complaints and niggles. It is just that little bit harder to get going again after a break. 

The hugely exciting news is that the JustGiving fundraising target has been reached! This is super gratifying and along with making the end point a massive motivator. I chose the £4k target as it was roughly the amount raised via Dove Step 2. That this has been both reached and surpassed is awesome. Real validation of all the effort across the last month. Not wishing to sound greedy – but I wonder if £5k is possible… 


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