Dove Step 3 – Day 27

Daily distance: 26km / 16.2mi

Duration: 05:43hrs

Weather: 10 degrees, overcast giving way to rain, 12 mph north westerlies 

Dove Step 3 bird list: 113

Best Birds: Griffon Vultures and Teal

Cumulative Dove Step 3 distance: 689 miles

Despite having crossed the highest passes two days ago we were still feeling the effects of the Picos today – with a few lively climbs and descents.

Incredibly, despite feeling absolutely battered yesterday and carrying pain in both my left ankle and right knee I was good to go this morning! The bodies ability to recover overnight is astonishing. All I am left with is some deep-seated fatigue – which I think is reasonable given the 689 miles covered with no rest days. 

Weather-wise we received a good dousing around lunch which prompted Rob to purchase an umbrella. A burgundy umbrella. Let’s never talk of if again…

We have gone through Oviedo and to Lugones just to the north north-east. This leaves approximately 25km to do tomorrow. At times over the first and in particular second week there was a real possibility I wouldn’t make it this far. Some nights I went to bed anticipating I wouldn’t actually be able to continue in the morning. To be so close and to have answered the various challenges along the way is mind boggling.

If all goes well we will hit San Lorenzo beach, Gijon early afternoon tomorrow. This would complete an unbroken march, south – north from Tarifa beach covering the whole of Spain in 28 consecutive days. That though overwhelms me. A mix of disbelief, elation and waves of emotion. Dove Step 3 was pursued for 18 months via training, preparation, public speaking and ultimately the execution. 

Tomorrow it ends!  

To successfully complete such a hefty goal – with the help of friends and with friends with me at the finish line is unimaginably awesome. Not there yet – but, hopefully, this time tomorrow we will be… 
Dove Step 3 JustGiving.


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