Dove Step 3 – Day 28

Daily distance: 25km / 15.5mi 

Duration: 04:43hrs

Weather: 9 degrees, sunny spells, 14 mph south westerlies

Cumulative Dove Step 3 distance: 704.5 miles

San Lorenzo beach, Gijon. The finish line!

Dove Step 3 – a complete on-foot crossing of Spain from south to north – DONE!

Talking to the press at the finish via David Howell of SEO.

With whole hearted thanks to…

Dove Step supporters; BlackBar Brewery, Bridgedale Socks, Inglorious Bustards and Opticron.

Dove Step team mates; Malcolm Fairley, Sven Wair and Robert Yaxley. 

Dove Step artist; Gyr Crakes aka Mark Lawlor.

Operation Turtle Dove and SEO members for promoting the Dove Step message and JustGiving page throughout the walk. 
The family, friends and colleagues who allowed me to get into the correct physical and mental state to complete the challenge. 

Everyone online who has liked, shared and upped the JustGiving total. Dove Step has 3 aims for Turtle Doves; endurance, awareness and fundraising. All three of these have been fulfilled in spades over the last month and I couldn’t be happier. I tried my absolute best for 28 days straight, regularly reaching and surpassing perceived limits. Certainly on a daily and at times an hourly basis!
Thanks to everyone for making Dove Step 3 everything it could be.

Please don’t forget Turtle Doves and please don’t forget Dove Step!

The route, fundraising % and team mates; Rob Yaxley and Malcolm Fairley at the finish.

Dove Step 3 JustGiving.


8 thoughts on “Dove Step 3 – Day 28

  1. Amazing feat [feet!] of endurance, a fantastic achievement. Really look forward to publishing a report in the Spring 2017 Andalucia Bird Society magazine.


  2. It’s a shame that I have discovered your challenge now. I would like to greet you as passing my city, Cáceres!! Great job!! 😀


  3. Saluted from Malaga (Andalucia). I was see you experience in TV program (25 September) and liked me the motiv of you iniciativ. We must protect und love to the animals, partners ours in this world.
    Ah, i like too…..the Heavy Metal!.
    Juan Jose


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